Why Use Electrical Safety UK for your Arc Flash Risk Assessments?

Test Electrical Safety (UK) Ltd are uniquely qualified to fulfill your requirements to carry out risk assessments in order to prevent harm to your employees/contractors, prevent business disruption & prevent costly damage to essential assets. With extensive experience and a proven track record in delivering complex arc flash risk assessments to all industries within the UK and throughout mainland Europe. ESUK offer staff awareness training and a full periodic review process for continued compliance. An electrical Arc Flash risk assessment provides insight into the safety of a sites electrical network. By awareness training and the implementation of suitable solutions, the probability of an Electric Arc incident can be greatly reduced and in some cases without investment in equipment or further studies. Our experiences have shown that within Europe, arc flash hazards are not always dealt with in great detail beyond reliance on intrinsic equipment safety.


For UK & European sites, there is NO obligation to perform an Arc Flash Hazard assessment. Contrary to American companies, European law obliges the employer to assess risks within the context of the general principles of prevention and this is where ESUK have good experience in the harmonisation of an American HQ directive into a European sites requirement. ESUK have good experience in dealing with the harmonisation between the European requirements, IEEE1584 calculations & US standard NFPA 70E governing arc flash risk assessments and also dealing with multi-site companies and can offer all the necessary technical documentation and warning labels in both English and main other European languages.

As an authorised re-seller for EasyPower in the United Kingdom, ESUK can either carry out a sites Arc Flash study or alternatively provide the necessary EasyPower ™ software & support for engineers to carry out the studies in house. Consultants and M&E contractors can also be serviced by ESUK by offering assistance & training on the software modules or alternatively, provide the service as a preferred subcontractor. For more information about Arc Flash Risk Assessments, please contact us at arcflash@elecsafety.co.uk call 0800 652 1124 or complete our online enquiry form.

Why Use Electrical Safety UK for your Arc Flash Risk Assessments? It’s what we specialise in and excel at!