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What is BESC:AME?

Electrical Safety UK is an accredited training centre, as recognised by Energy and Utility Skills. ESUK offers BESC AME Assessment courses for anyone who carries out work either directly or indirectly, in both of the following Power Utility Environment

  • Transmission Sub-Stations
  • Distribution Sub-Stations

ESUK provides a full customer support service to all its BESC AME delegates/clients by sending reminders and renewals, making the process as smooth as possible for total compliance whether you’re an individual, Training Co-ordinator or the HR Manager. ESUK has a team of expert assessors throughout the UK with many years of electrical experience. For assessment information including availability, pricing and booking your course, please contact our Centre Coordinators on 01709 961 666 or email

Where are the Assessment held?

ESUK offers five pre-designated operational sites for assessments for individuals and smaller groups or if required our assessor will travel to your location subject to site suitability. On group bookings our assessor will need to appraise your risk assessments, method statements, work instructions and safety documentation to familiarise himself with your work activities.

ESUK assessment site locations:

  • Lancashire
  • Yorkshire
  • Nottinghamshire
  • Kent
  • Bristol

Assessment requirements:

  • Valid Person Training Cover Note (NG Sites)
  • Two Passport sized photos
  • PPE (Approved list will be supplied upon booking)

How long does registration last?

The registration lasts for three years, after which the candidate must undertake a further assessment to remain registered with EUSR. Following successful workplace assessment against a particular standard, candidates will be registered on the EU Skills Registration Database ( and issued with a Cover Note from the assessor, and a EUSR Registration Card produced within 28 days. BESC AME Training is carried out prior to the BESC AME Assessment and provides a relevant knowledge base prior to assessment.

Basic Electrical Safety Competence Access, Movement and Egress (AME) of a Power Utility Sub-Station Environment

  • Power System Competence Specification – PSCS001

This specification has been developed from the National Occupational Standard EPUS012 and the derived City and Guilds 2339 QCF Units 006 and 204. The specification details the performance criteria and knowledge requirements required to establish competence for the safe access, movement and egress in BOTH of the following Power Utility Environments.

  • Transmission Sub-Stations
  • Distribution Sub-Stations

Skills and Competencies Which Demonstrate Effective Performance

The scheme is a practical workplace competency assessment of which a general electrical knowledge is expected when entering, moving around and exiting designated work areas. Three separate standards exist:

  • Substations
  • Overhead Lines
  • Underground Cables

You will show you are competent to:

  • Safely access, move around and egress a sub-station work area.
  • Comply with Company procedures, health and safety regulations and environmental practices.
  • Identify the risks associated with sub-station apparatus, substation damage and excavation.
  • Use and communicate data and information.
  • Resolve problems effectively and efficiently.

The scheme standards cover the basic requirements for safely entering, moving around and exiting work areas in electrical environments. They do not cover skills required for carrying out operational work tasks on the electrical network, e.g. cable jointing. Where individuals are required to enter more than one category of work area they should achieve all the relevant standards. The schemes are accepted as a proof of competence and do not constitute company authorisation which will be issued independently by each company. (See Site access explanation below).

Working on National Grid sites

If you wish to work on National Grid sites, it is important you act immediately. A pre-requisite for National Grid workers/contractors is to be Person Trained prior to the Basic Electrical Safety Competence Access, Movement and Egress Assessment. To book your Person Training and other courses, contact us immediately. For more information on this click here to go to the National Grid website once there click on the National Safety Instruction 30. For more information go to the Energy and Utility Skills website at

Working on Northern Powergrid Sites

If you wish to work on Northern Powergrid sites, it is important you act immediately. Upon successful completion of the BESC:AME Assessment with Electrical Safety UK, candidates will be nominated to Northern Powergrid where they will be required to complete Northern Powergrid’s ½ Day Top Up Training for Level 1 or 3 Access. To book your Level 1 or Level 3 Access Training and other courses, contact us immediately.